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Letters from alumni to her "Sistas" the day she moved out;

Dear "Sista's"
Never in my life have I ever wanted to become a "Sista." Seriously. I cringed at that word. And I didn't call myself a Sista for a while. I NEVER wanted to live in a halfway house. I mean really? To live in a house full of women as crazy as me?! Yeah right! 
But one day something changed. I don't know what, why, or how, but I'm glad it did. I decided to call Angel, whom I admire very much, and asked her for help.  I came to the house stand offish and I put on my "I'll play nice but don't f $#@ with me" face. That was the only coping mechanism I knew to go to when I was full of fear. And that's just what I was, full of fear. 
As each day went by I slowly but surely started to let the girls in. The girls who I now call my "Sista's." Vulnerability had never been my strong suit. I sucked at it. Anytime someone would give me a hug, my stomach turned. However, being around these amazing, strong, beautiful women, these feelings started to change. These women, my Sista's, have helped me become the woman I have always wanted to be, but was too scared to become. 
I'm so thankful for my Sista's. I'm so thankful for them to call me out and to keep me accountable. I'm thankful that they forced their hugs on me and made me tell them that I loved them. These women saw through my hurt, anger, and fears, and they STILL loved me. They loved me when I couldn't love myself. They helped me love myself. 
Words can't express my boundless gratitude that I have for my Sista's. I love you all very much. Even to the Sista's I haven't met or haven't moved in yet, I love you too. If you're new or contemplating on coming to a halfway house, JUST DO IT!  I promise it will be one of the best experiences in your life. 
Thank you Sista's for all of your love and support. I love you all.
Morgan Sistas 5/5/2016
Thank you Angel and thank you to my Sistas'!
I really only have one thing to say: Nobody newly sober wants to go to a recovery house which might be why everybody that is newly sober should go!! This house saved my life...
Elizabeth Sista - 10/16/2015
So many crazy stories and memories I have to add to my arsenal from living at Serenity Sistas' !
This business must be a crazy one to be in. My father recently asked me "Casey why does she do it?" I replied that maybe someone did it for you. Anyway I am so unbelievably thankful and grateful for you and what you have created and taught me and
I will continue to grow on this journey of recovery.
I have a very special spot in my heart for you. I love you,
Casey Sista - 2/26/2016
Thank you so much for everything, you are my lifesaver. I have learned so much from this house and about myself, you have put so much in perspective for me and have helped me to see things differently. I have learned responsibility accountability and for the most part love and tolerance. Recovery is first and I will take that with me while moving on, this has been the best experience of my life!
Amanda Sista - 1/22/2015
Hey Sistas'
For real I just want to say how much I love each one of ya! It's been awesome to watch all of us grow into amazing people.Anytime I got to watch the light come on in your eyes and grow brighter and brighter each day was beautiful...Thank you for supporting me when I needed support, listening to me when I needed to be heard and loving me when I didn't love myself!!Anyways if you ever need me call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far! LOL!!<3 you allLove
Sarah B Sista'A.K.A "Crazy Sista" - 1/26/2013
To my sistas'
"I was asked what Serenity Sistas' has done for me, and I can hardly even begin to put it in words. Nothing but positivity has come from me being in this house. This house has allowed me to begin my growth into a woman my parents, friends, co-workers, and anyone I will ever meet would love me to be. But more importantly, the woman I would like to be. I have seen other women in my home blossom, and hold my hand so I can do the same. Watching someone in the beginning looking down at their feet, turn into someone with grace and dignity is the most amazing thing, and something that I strive to obtain one day in my journey. With the help of my sisters, this journey gets easier every day. Even when I get shook up, and discourage, the women I look up to the most are at my home with open arms. Always. With out this home, I wouldn't have one, nor would I have the opportunity to change my life drastically for the best. I am so grateful there is a place like this for women like me, I don't know who I would be today with out it."
Donna Levesque - 1/29/2012